Sworn Translator and Commercial Interpreter with her own Translation Office, servicing a number of clients from the most varied sectors and areas, constantly developing her practice related to commercial, legal and/or governmental issues and activities. Specialist Professor (Masters from the University of São Paulo) in Translation and Interpretation, Professor of the School of Arts and Translation. Courses taught: Translation of Commercial Texts, Translation of Technical Texts, Translation of Legal Texts, Translation of Media Texts, Practice of Translation to a Foreign Language, Introduction to Translation, Consecutive Interpretation and Simultaneous Interpretation.

For the School of Arts with a Teaching Certificate, the courses taught are: English Language and of Phonology and Phonetics, Specialist Professor of Translation, Professor of Graduate Course in Translation and Graduate Studies in English Language – Advanced Studies. Certified audiodescriber. Graduate studies in Translation and Interpretation. Graduate studies in Business Management. Graduate studies in E-Learning Methodologies and Management