Audiodescription of live events: shows, festivals, sports events, theater plays

In times when accessibility is not just a standard item, it is imperative that your live event be accessible to the visually impaired public and meet this audience’s most varied needs, offering them the comfort, communication, and respect they deserve.

We are ready to create, develop, and prepare your audiovisual products for use in live events, whether it is a theater play, a musical show, a class or a lecture, a business meeting and product presentation, or whatever you need. We have professional speakers trained in accessibility, and we can appoint partner companies to rent booths and microphones; All of our projects are evaluated by a team of professional consultants.

Products that can carry Audiodescription (script, consulting, and locution):

• Theater plays of all genres
• Storytelling
• Artistic, academic, and scientific events
• Artistic shows and live dance performances
• Guided tours to museums, parks, and tourist attractions
• Live classes and lectures
• Live interviews, meetings, assemblies, and debates
• Weddings, graduations, and religious events of all denominations

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