Every day, more and more people seek to optimize their time and assertive means for obtaining information, entertainment, and leisure, ways and means to absorb more knowledge, and Audiobooks offer all of this.

Many readers complain about their lack of time or of that ideal time for a relaxing and quiet reading session. Now, you can optimize your time, your employees’ time, or even publish a project with an extra gift for your readers. Count on our team of professional speakers to record your text, speech, manual, training session or textbook.

Our menu offers specialized speakers and voices with different pitches to be chosen by you. Mirror the world’s great organizations, publishers, magazines, and newspapers, deliver your printed material with a practical and agile digital media that your public can listen to in the car, bus or even on a plane, and relax, immersed in your story, diving in its characters, or even facing traffic and acquiring more culture and knowledge while listening to an audiobook.

Wake up. Audiobooks are already a reality. The following demonstrations will prove it!

Products that can carry Audiodescription (script, consulting, and locution):

• Comic books, mangas, and cartoons;
• Textbooks, technical and scientific books;
• Literary books of all genres;
• Children’s books;
• Magazines of all genres.

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