Audiodescription of campaign ads, leaflets, and election candidate’s advertisement material

Every candidate should be aware of the importance of making their materials accessible. In addition to being aligned with the new worldwide inclusion trends, you will be communicating your attributes to an audience that wants to elect candidates who care about visually impaired people, who are committed to accessibility, and who intend to take those initiatives forward after they are elected.

Now is the time for you to show that you care about this important population group! Make your audiovisual materials accessible and get ahead in the next election.

Products in which we can introduce Audiodescription (script, consulting, and locution):

• TV campaign advertisement;
• Debates and interviews, recorded and live;
• Printed material (wallet-sized overview card, leaflets, and flyers);
• Documentary videos, inaugurations of works and festive occasions;
• Advertisements and commercials. The videos below are audiodescribed examples of political campaigns from previous years.

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