She is a translator/interpreter since 2011 and works with Portuguese, English, and Arabic. In addition to working with academic and technical translation and proofreading, she has translated four books to date. Three of them from Arabic to Portuguese and the most recent from English to Portuguese, published by Edições Sesc in 2017, whose title is “Civilização Islâmica em Trinta Biografias” (“Islamic Civilization in Thirty Lives: The First 1,000 Years” is the original in English), by Chase F. Robinson. She graduated as a translator and interpreter from the Alumni Association in 2014 and holds a degree in Language from the University of São Paulo. She entered the world of audiodescription through the courses taught by Prof. Ana Julia Perrotti-Garcia, that instilled in her a love at first sight for the area in which she intends to grow more and more.