He works with translation for voiceover and creates scripts for audiodescription, narrates television programs and institutional videos, and also works with research to base journalistic texts on the following topics: geography and water resources.

He is responsible for translating scripts for the ESPN channel sports programs (English/Portuguese); the production and presentation of the podcast Bundesliga no Ar, available on Rádio Central 3; for translation of news, articles, and sports interviews of the website bundesliga.com.br (German/Portuguese); and for the bibliographical survey that based the journalistic texts published on the website Portal do Rio Madeira (www.portaldoriomadeira.com).

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from the School of Philosophy, Languages, and Human Sciences (FFLCH) of USP, graduate studies in Translation of English (Estácio de Sá University), an Improvement Course in the German Language (FU Berlin), Radio Speaker Technical Course (SENAC) and Audiodescription Course (Citrat USP/SP).