Bachelor’s in Management with a minor in Systems Analysis – Faculdade Unissa de Sarandi (2004). Specialization in Business Management – Faculdade Unissa de Sarandi (2006). Specialization in Environmental Economics: Valuation, Licensing, Auditing, and Environmental Education – Faculdade Cidade Verde (2013). Specialization in E-Learning and Educational Technologies – UniCesumar (2015). Course on Improvement in Audiodescription Principles and Techniques: Applicability in Educational Cultural Contexts – UNESP (2016). Specialization in Audiovisual/Accessible Translation – Audiodescription by UECE (attending). Graduate studies in Teaching in Higher Education: Educational Technologies and Innovation – Unicesumar (cursando). Graduate studies in Specialized Educational Assistance – Special and Inclusive Education – Unicesumar (attending). Experience in Teaching in Higher Education, working mainly in Distance Learning.